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The 4 best businesses to undertake without financial contribution

Now that you know what qualities are essential to be a good entrepreneur and bring your business to a profitable destiny, know that some projects are more easily achieved than others without having to spend a large sum of money.


Dropshipping is an online business and an alternative to traditional commerce. It is an Internet sales model that involves three different actors: the supplier, the reseller (ie you) and the customers.

In this sales business, the supplier owns the products and keeps them in stock. The reseller, on the other hand, presents the articles of its suppliers online, on its website.

When the customer arrives at the reseller’s online store and finds a product he likes, he makes the purchase. The reseller then receives an order notification. However, it is not he who holds the stock of products.

He therefore places this same order with his supplier, while taking a commercial margin in the process.

Finally, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer’s home. The logistics service is led by the supplier.


Consultant/Expert for companies

Many companies also use independent experts or consultants. The latter now have a very important place in the business world and intervene in many sectors of activity to identify problems and provide them with an appropriate response.

The consultant is an expert in his field of intervention. His first mission is to make a diagnosis according to the situation and the problem mentioned by the company that employs him. For this, he carries out an in-depth audit. It offers a fresh and more critical look at the situation.

Then, depending on the problem encountered, he proposes different solutions. It establishes the cost and the necessary steps for each of them. Once the ideal solution has been selected, it supports its partners throughout the deployment phase.

Freelance writer

The freelance copywriter is a writing professional who writes texts for websites, blogs, applications, press releases, etc. In other words, he is the privileged interlocutor of all companies that need content.

To become a freelance writer, a simple computer and excellent writing skills are enough. In other words, the initial cost of this activity is lower! What’s more, the web editor can work from absolutely anywhere. He does not necessarily need to meet his clients and can do everything remotely.

Distrust, however: the mission entrusted to him is not so simple. The writer must be able to carry out research quickly and write articles optimized for reading on the Web as well as for natural referencing. He must also master various copyrighting techniques as well as the HTML language.

Become a franchisee

Do you think you absolutely have to be rich to become a franchisee? Think again ! There are franchises that are accessible with a low personal contribution. The status of non-salaried agent manager is an avenue to explore. For example, it has been adopted by the Casino group’s food chains.

To be a good franchise candidate, the idea is above all to come from the profession close to the one targeted. Indeed, if you are planning to invest in a food franchise, it is better to already know this area. This will allow you to better manage your stocks, know how to properly supervise your staff and correctly supply your shelves.