How does Speedfufill help you dropship from China?

#1 Send your inquiry

Send us what you want to purchase using an Image or product link

#2 Quote your request

We will quote your product including product cost, freight

#3 Create an account login to our system

Create an account and link your shopify store to our Speedfulfill application.

#4 We will place order with the factory

We will place order with the factory, if you need private label, we also support.

#5 Receive Your Goods

Manufacturer ships to our Speedfulfill warehouse. We repack and qualty check them for damage and scan the product into our inventory management system.

#6 Order Synchronization

Once an order is placed on your online store, automatically synchronize the order with the integrated cross-platform Speedfulfill fulfillment system.

#7 Speedfulfill fulfillment system.

Order Fulfillment When an order comes in, we pick and pack it, add the extra services you've specified, and deliver it to your customer, anywhere in the world!

# 8 Email Sent

Once the order is shipped, a tracking number will automatically be generated and emailed to your customer.
Scale your Dropshipping store

Crush your competition with faster shipping

Product Sourcing

Discover profitable dropshipping niches and products for your online business. In addition, you can find high quality dropshipping products at affordable prices.

More high quality products at cheaper prices than than your competitors will increase your profit margins. This will enable you to skyrocket your business by reducing risks and offering a better customer experience.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have various fulfillment centers around the world that promise to deliver to your customers within 5- 9 days with no extra fees!

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Customer Support

We acknowledge that within our business community,excellent customer service is important for your success. With a dedicated team, that will be available throughout your business journey.

A dropshipping agent you can count on to sort at any issues that may occur. Highly experienced and multi-lingual dropshipping agents at your disposal is a viable tool to scaling your business to the top.

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Stay ahead of the rest

At speedfulfill, we make branding and customization for dropshipping businesses very convinient.

  1. Send your design via PDF
  2. Print the design and deliver it to our warehouse fulfillment.
  3. Assemble the custom packaging with stickers on the products.
  4. Ship the products to the target market.
  5. The customer receives the branded product.

Fully automated dropship system

Time is money but here at Speedfufill, we offer time saving options for dropshipping through automatic fulfillment.

This will allow you to concentrate on improving sales and expanding your business. Speedfulfill will take care of the rest through auto-sync, tracking status and updating tracking numbers.

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