Refund and Reshipment Policy

If the order is lost by the delivery carrier according to the most recent tracking number update, the dropshipper can request a refund or reship.

The product is defective or wrong. If a customer complains that the product is defective or wrong, the dropshipper has 5 days from the order delivery date to request a refund or reship. The dropshipper must give verification (such as photo or video). Missing orders, The customer should get in touch with the local post carrier office in the delivery country and report the problem if the order is reported as delivered but they claim they didn’t receive it. If the dropshipper fully refunded the consumer, the dropshipper may request a refund, and the dropshipper must produce a refund proof in order for us to process the refund.

Customer error leading to delivery issues. In the event that an incorrect recipient-provided phone number, incorrect address, or other circumstance results in a shipping delay or delivery failure, Speedfulfill does not give a refund or reshipment and is not liable for any resulting additional service fees. For a second delivery effort, we advise the consumer to get in touch with the last-mile shipping company. Speedfulfill can arrange a redelivery attempt at a cost of 10 USD per parcel if delivery is unsuccessful and the last-mile carrier returns the package to the processing center (processing warehouse/processing hub). The delivery time will be determined by the local warehouse hub in the delivery country.

Natural Disasters. In the event of a force majeure event, such as a natural disaster, strike, lockdown, or declaration of war, Mutual Dropshipping is not liable.

How to Ask for a Refund or Replacement Dropshippers have five days from the time the order is marked as delivered by the tracking number to submit a refund or reship request.

Customer service for Speedfulfill If the proofs are valid, DEP will review your request and either arrange a refund or reship. Speedfulfill may require further information along the process, and the dropshipper must respond within two business days.

How to Refund and Ship 
Returning money After Speedfulfill approves the refund request, the internal team processes the refund within 2–5 business days. The initial mode of payment will get a reimbursement for the amount. Speedfulfill completed the reimbursement afterward. Speedfulfill is not liable for any transaction fees or handling fees that the payment service provider may impose.

Reship procedure In the event that there is no stock left

for the product after Speedfulfill accepts the reshipment request, Speedfulfill will begin to purchase and process within 2 business days. The shipment method will be chosen by Speedfulfill, and it may differ from the initial shipping method. Following the reshipment, tracking will be given to the dropshipper.

Failure to deliver as a result of the customer’s incomplete or inaccurate address 
Delivering packages in accordance with stated delivery addresses is Speedfulfill and its shipping partners’ to priority. However, if the buyer submitted inaccurate or incomplete shipping information (for instance, an address without a phone number), the shipment may not be delivered successfully and be sent back to the delivery hub. A second delivery effort will typically be made by the delivery hub with the last-mile carrier. If the package is still unable to be delivered, it will be sent back to the processing warehouse, where Speedfulfill can set up one last attempt at delivery for a cost of $10 USD. 

Speedfulfill disclaims any liability for failed deliveries brought on by incomplete or inaccurate shipping information from the consumer. We admonish you to direct them to contact last-mile. Contact our customer service as the team receives a carrier notification of a delivery failure, it will ask the dropshipper for an updated shipping address. Within three business days, reply to Speedfulfill with the proper shipping address. With contactless delivery, the delivery person phones the recipient first, for instance. The delivery will be recorded as unsuccessful and the package will be sent back to the delivery hub if the receiver doesn’t answer, the recipient’s phone number was entered incorrectly, or neither of those scenarios occurred.

 Email address for customer service: info@speedfulfill.c